Photo by Ulesegisa; all rights reservedBetsy Tinney, recipient of the 2012 Pegasus Award for Best Performer, is a Northwest cellist known both for her graceful musicality and her broad versatility. She has performed and recorded with many different groups, from solo acoustic performers to large rock bands; her contributions to each are unique and, as she explains, “whatever the song wants.” Betsy also performs solo, using a combination of acoustic cello and electronic looper that creates an interwoven tapestry of sound. Her solo cello work has been called “captivating,” “mesmerizing,” and “a rich texture for the ear, reminiscent of dark chocolate and fine red wine.”

NEW: Video of the epic release concert for Release the Cello!, Betsy’s solo album, is now available! You can buy the DVD (also includes code for video download) on Bandcamp. If you want just the video download, go to Gumroad instead.

Release the Cello!, Betsy’s solo album, is available at music.betsytinney.com. Listen to the entire album for free, or purchase the digital or physical album!


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